Google maps very slow on chrome

11. septembris, 2022

Google maps on chrome is very slow on my windows 10 computer. In same time on Firefox google maps runs very smoothly.

Tried to disable all plugins, no success

Tried in incognito mode, no success

Tried updating, waited few months maybe fix will come

But nothing changes, google maps is very slow. Despite the fact that mine computer has 32Gb ram and intel i5 cpu

There was one suggestion to check if Hardware acceleration is enabled. Mine was enabled

Open this link to check if hardware acceleration is enabled



Solution was stupidly simple

  1. Disable “Use hardware acceleration when available”
  2. Restart chrome
  3. Enable “Use hardware acceleration when available”
  4. Restart chrome

Its no 100% guarantee that this will work in your case. But if you already tried disabled plugins and other solutions and nothing helps, than this might help.