Laravel facades

17. janvāris, 2019

To understand facades you need to understand Laravel Service container, because facades provides static interface to classes that are available into Service container

Lets create class which will reside in Service container

namespace App\Accounts

class Accounts {
     public function test() {
         return 'im accounts';

This is a way you put class into service container

App::bind('App\Accounts', function(){
    return new \App\Accounts();

So, where to put this code. By Laravel standarts you do it from ServiceProvider.

All your service providers lives in app\Providers
Open config\app.php, there is section ‘providers’

Lets create our custom service provider and save it into app\Providers\AccountsServiceProvider.php

namespace App\Providers;

use Illuminate\Support\ServiceProvider;
use App;

class AccountsServiceProvider extends ServiceProvider {
    public function register() {
        App::bind('App\Accounts', function(){
            return new \App\Accounts();

As you can see service binding code is in method register

Now open your config/app.php and register newly created provider.
Add this line in providers section

Thats it with service provider. Now every time you reference class \App\Accounts this class will be resolved from service container

Let finaly create facade

create directory app/Facades
Make new file app/Facades/Accounts.php

namespace App\Facades;
use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Facade;

class Accounts extends Facade {
    protected static function getFacadeAccessor() {
        return 'App\Accounts'; 

method getFacadeAccessor is which makes magic happens. This method return ‘App\Accounts’, as you already guesed this is our class registered into services container. Every time you access Accounts facade laravel will pull out class from service container and call method to this class

And final touch is to make out facade as global allias so you can write in your code Accounts::test instead of \App\Facades\Accounts. That basicaly is the purpose of facades

open config/app.php in section ‘aliases’ put this line

'Accounts'  => App\Facades\Accounts::class,

Now in your code you can make calls liek this Accounts::test()
Dont forget to write

use Accounts;

so autoloader knows where to search for Accounts